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Earth Matters

Check out a community radio show called Earth Matters at - it covers environmental news and issues affecting local communities around Australia. You can tune into the show and download the podcasts.

Beyond Zero have proved a 100 per cent renewable future. Be inspired at

Eat Local Food

See our growing list of locally produced food.

Don't Lose Hope

Keep up the pressure on our politicians and let them know that climate change will drive our vote in 2013's elections.

Join the ongoing fight to rid Victoria of Hazlewood - Australia's dirtiest power station, find out how at

Read the report at that shows government action NOW can be a win for the environment and the economy
Watch ‘life after growth’ a short film that argues less economic activity can mean happier and greener lives.

Winter is time to plant bare rooted fruit trees

Support our local specialists. Order heirloom apples from Heritage Fruit Trees at Beaufort

Sustainable Garden Tour

Ararat North Primary School Kitchen Gardens

Ararat North Primary School Kitchen Gardens

Thank you for those who joined our sustainable garden tour. Keep in touch with us, because we'd like you to share your gardening tips for a changing climate. View our Sustainable Gardening Sheet for our tips.

Grow plants that are already adapted to our region. Download Elmhurst seed saver Green Circle Seeds seed list here. Contact Rosemary
or if you are looking for a seed saver in another locality see For locally indigenous native grasses and plants contact Adam at Grampians Reveg

Our Sustainable Food and Gardening focus group meets every second AGAG meeting, which are held on the second Monday of each month. Stay in contact via our website to keep in touch. You can contact us from the "Get in Touch" page.

For those of you invaded by hordes of earwigs, check this link