Electoral Survey.

2014 Victoria State Government Election, Ripon Candidate Survey on Climate Issues

Ararat Greenhouse Action Group Inc. is keen to engage with all levels of government to address dangerous climate change and its effects.

The group has circulated a survey to Lower House candidates who are seeking to be elected to the state parliament seat of Ripon to assess their individual attitudes to this issue and can now pass this information on to taxpayers who may consider attitudes to climate change to be an important factor in determining who to vote for.

Candidates were simply asked to either agree or disagree with a series of 12 statements.

The questions are shown below and the responses are as follows;

Country Alliance Party ( Trevor Domashenz)- 5/12.

Greens (Rod May)- 12/12.

Labor Party (Daniel McGlone)- 9/12.

Liberal Party (Louise Staley)- 0/12.

National Party (Scott Turner)- 8/12.

This survey was prepared by Ararat Greenhouse Action Group, an independent and apolitical environment group.

Points were allocated as 1 point for "Agree", 0 points for "Disagree" and 1/2 point for "unsure' or "maybe".

The questions are as follows;

" I believe that climate change is a real and serious threat to our environment, our economy and our society. I believe that all levels of government, business and the community must take urgent action to immediately reduce emissions and help stop dangerous climate change.

Agree /Disagree

If elected, I commit to playing my role in ensuring the State Government:

1. - understands and promotes to individuals and businesses the likely local impacts of climate change for the community.

Agree /Disagree

2. - develops programs to ensure adequate and timely responses to local climate change impacts (i.e. heat wave and flooding events).

Agree /Disagree

3. - supports climate action groups and active citizens to engage individuals and businesses to take action against climate change.

Agree /Disagree

4. - supports the adoption of a Victorian Renewable Energy Target and re-establish the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target.

Agree /Disagree

5. - supports lobbying of Federal Government to:
a. Increase and improve their policy responses to climate change in order to urgently reduce greenhouse gas emissions
b. Extend their funding of education on the causes of climate change and the local, national and global impacts of climate change for local communities

Agree /Disagree

6. - develop and/or update a Sustainable Transport Plan to help local communities to reduce their emissions from transport and cope with climate change.

Agree /Disagree

7. - improve local community access to sustainable transport options with funding from all levels of Government.

Agree /Disagree

8. - promotes and supports community supported renewable energy schemes (eg wind, solar), including the repeal of existing restrictive planning laws.

Agree /Disagree

9. - achieves zero net emissions from Local Government buildings by 2020

Agree /Disagree

10. - requires State Government operations to identify climate change mitigation and offsetting measures and targets by 2016.

Agree /Disagree

11. - develops and implements a carbon neutral plan for the State Government operations to achieve carbon neutrality by 2020.

Agree /Disagree"

End of Survey


Calendar of Events

NATIONAL DAY OF ACTION Nov 17 2013 Demanding action from World Leaders.

Local event Go Jump in the Lake at Lake Wendouree

Sunday17th November 2013 12:00 pm Lake Wendouree VIC 3350, Australia

Tony Abbot is literally telling anyone wanting to act on climate change to go jump in the Lake! On Sunday 17th some brave souls will jump in Lake Wendouree... to symbolise that's what we will need to be doing to cool off from the effects of climate change! Bring your summer gear, wear colourful clothes, make a sign and pack a picnic. Enjoy a get together with others, hear a few inspiring locals talking about a way forward, listen to some musicians. Opposite Lake View Hotel and adjoining Boatshed Cafe.


Featuring Local and International Experts: Paul Taylor: Author of “The Biochar Revolution” Prof Stephen Joseph: Leading Biochar Academic with extensive international experience Russell Burnett: Local Commercial Producer of Biochar based near Bendigo DON’T MISS THIS CHANCE TO SEE THESE EXPERTS IN AUSTRALIA AT THE SAME TIME! Participants will Learn about: • Biochar as a Soil Improver • Biochar as genuine Carbon Sequestration • The fascinating science of Biochar is as complex as Soil Science itself • How different Biochars can be produced from different feedstocks at different temperatures • Use of Biochar in home gardening • Use of Biochar in broadacre agriculture • Use of Biochar in animal husbandry, vermiponics, hydroponics, aquaponics Participants will gain the Hands-on Skills to: • Build Homescale Biochar Reactors using 44 Gallon Drums and Oil Cans (bring materials and tools and Reactors that you have already made !!!) • Produce different Biochar blends from different feedstocks • Conduct experiments to assess the effectiveness of Biochar produced with different feedstocks at different temperatures The When and The Where: When: Sat/Sun 23rd/24th November 2013 Where: CHAF Demonstration Farm, Ballarat, Victoria. The Cost: Early Bird Special $195 until end of 31 October 2013 (Includes Morning and Afternoon Tea and Lunch both days) How to Register: For registration instructions email: joe@breaze.org.au or call Joe Boin on 0477 288 765

Our Group's Infrastructure Submission

Infrastructure Submission

Garnaut Targets

at www.garnautreview.org.au/index.htm

and suggested action on inadequate targets www.getup.org.au/campaign/ClimateActionNow/394?dc=493,428130,1

Ararat Energy Savers

The Ararat Energy Savers Project challenged Ararat and district householders to reduce their energy use and Greenhouse gas emissions by choosing and adopting 5 simple energy saving measures. The project relied on the community getting together, talking about what they might do and how, assisted by project facilitator Jane Marriott. After successfully making the first 5 changes, householders continued with further steps towards household sustainability.

Because of its excellent record in promoting renewable energy, the Ararat Rural City Council was chosen by the Central Victorian Greenhouse Alliance to deliver a household energy behaviour change pilot project. The project was funded by Sustainability Victoria and modelled on the similar Castlemaine 500 project where 500 householders were encouraged to undertake a range of energy saving measures to reduce their annual energy use by 30%.

The Ararat Energy Savers Project has now been completed.

If every Ararat household replaced just one conventional light bulb with a CFL, greenhouse emissions in the Ararat Rural City would be reduced by 300,000kg over a year and amount to combined savings of $54,000!

Changing over 5 light bulbs to CFL’s would result in major financial and environmental benefits.